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Post  [Admin]Junior on Sat Dec 22, 2007 2:22 pm

1.) you will need the full client which is located at this link..;8323146;/fileinfo.html

2.) you will need the new patch which is located at this link..;8492172;/fileinfo.html

3.) you will need to download hamachi which is located at this link..

means that you will need 3 files..

next question might be how to install all be easy i made this images as a guide..
1st we install the full client...

at that part hope you all know how to understand because all you need to do is press next and it will be installed.. default it will be installed at:
C:\Program Files\Law Of Ran Ep3 Full Client V.1

2nd we need to install the quick patch

now all u need to do is click run and all click next
when u reach this image below

you need to change this one: C:\Program Files\LawOfRan Quick Patch
with this one: C:\Program Files\Law Of Ran Ep3 Full Client V.1
it must be installed where your full patch is..

now hope you understand how to install this 2 files..
now we move on to hamachi..
i already given the link where you can download it so no complains..
as for hamachi..
double click it and just press wont be too hard??
how to use it?when its the first time you use hamachi you will be given an instruction..its not that hard to understand..
anyway..even if it's hard for you guys you can post in your problems here at the forum..much better with image for better resolve of the problem..
sorry..i dont have time to translate this into tired and im sleepy..Sleep Sleep Sleep


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